September 2016

Freedom in Blockchains: How Bitcoin’s Technology Transcends Class Interest

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 10:42

Will Bitcoin’s underlying technology be able to free the people from financial slavery? Or will proprietary blockchain algorithms imprison people as serfs in a high-tech feudal state? Transcending class interest, I believe decentralized ledger technology can provide a mutual benefit to both the people and its ruling classes.

A Mental Fish Trap: What Happens When the We Conflate Equality with Sameness

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Tue, 09/13/2016 - 21:48

Just because media and academia lean to the left, politically, it doesn’t mean the left’s worldview is right, especially when much of the left has grounded its thinking in self-delusion. For some time now, the progressive left has been spinning a mental “fish trap”, for lack of a better phrase, that Western societies appear unable to escape from, namely the conflation of equality with sameness. This goes one step further than demanding equality of outcome. It presupposes equality of ability.

Unfree Man: From Managed Child to Civilized Citizen

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 13:38

In Scandinavia’s North, the Sami live, the inhabitants of Lapland. Despite modern influences, many grew up as a child in a self-subsistent society. Early on, Sami children learn to bake their own bread, find fresh water, catch fish, or milk reindeer. Sami parents treat their children as human beings. Their society assumes Sami children possess the ability to take care of themselves.

That way, they grow up to become independent adults that don’t need anyone to tell them what to do. Their innate abilities have been brought to light by humane educators.