December 2016

Millennials’ Search for Meaning

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Sat, 12/31/2016 - 10:52

A civilization’s main export product is its constituents’ behavior, especially abroad. The West, judging by the millennial generation’s monomaniac party drive, scouring the world’s pristine island beaches and trashing them in raves of binge drinking and electronic music, suffers more than a PR problem, but an existential crisis.

Globalized Brain Drain: By Centralizing Human Capital in the Hands of Globalists, Mass Migration Contributes to Worldwide Inequality

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 10:44

We all worry about our financial inequality relative to our peers, but do we understand its causes? Since the Second World War, modern mass migration has relocated millions of skilled individuals. But migration does not necessarily distribute skilled people evenly across the globe. In fact, it achieves the opposite. By centralizing both the world’s most educable minds and its lowest cost laborers into the hands of Western globalists, multinational corporations have greatly benefited from globalism.