Globalism, Europe’s Final Battle

To Save Humanity, We Must Stop the Globalists

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Tue, 05/09/2017 - 10:43

Young Macron has won the French elections. The old French voted themselves into the hands of a globalist Rothschild banker posing as a communist. Mainstream media gobbled it up, painting Macron’s opponents as cowards. The other guys supposedly voted for right-wing contender Marine Le Pen out of an irrational fear of Islam.

But doesn’t the accusation of fear fit the Left better? Didn’t Macron’s victory stem from a collective fear of terrorist attacks? France has revived the politics of appeasement, which is exactly what the terrorists wanted. An aging cohort of indigenous French over-40-year-olds voted to open their nation’s borders to millions of immigrants, whose labor, they hope, will help fund their white pension plans.

That’s not an act of progressive bravery. That’s a cowardly act of egotism. The greatest danger to Western civilization isn’t Islam, but a bunch of old farts voting to preserve their self-interests at the expense of the younger generations. That is the face of European globalism: a doctrine designed to protect the status quo, barring much needed indigenous rejuvenation.

An Islamic Europe?

Over in Germany, Chancellor Merkel has announced new partnerships between German and Saudi companies. Saudi Arabia is booming. Hundreds of billions of oil dollars, saved up over the past half-century, need to find a purpose. Saudi leaders have decided to invest in modernity and modern armies. By comparison, Saudi Arabia’s high-tech cities make Europe look like the Third World. Most Saudi are Wahhabi fundamentalists. They hate non-Muslims.

Yet mainstream media continue to condemn those who oppose Arab neofascism as “Nazis”, while the real new Nazis receive free housing and passports wherever they like to go in Europe. Money rules. Unlike conservatives, who are willing to pay for their principles, progressives trade their values faster than financial traders can short the stock market.

Besides, by the year 2070, nobody will be remembering the Holocaust anymore. There won’t be enough indigenous Germans left to care.[1]

Europe’s Global Mission

Globalists have global plans for Europe. A member of the European Commission, Sweden’s Federica Mogherini, recently declared it time for Europe to assume the role of global leader. She wants to demote the United States to second place.

Sure, Europeans will welcome the revival of European might and the demotion of U.S. hegemony—as do I—but they should know that the likes of Mogherini and her globalist co-conspirators have been plotting to submit all of humanity to collectivist rule for at least a century.

In the European Union, globalists see the beginning of a world government that must eventually come to represent all humanity. They think long-term, very long term. For now, Russia remains an obstacle to the EU’s eastward expansion but wars in Syria and Iran already serve to separate a failing Russian economy from its revenue streams, forcing it into a likely bankruptcy and then into the European Union, just like Ukraine after the Maidan Revolution.

Political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski alluded to Europe’s hostile takeover of the world in his book The Grand Chessboard almost 20 years ago.[2] Indeed, the European Union was never founded to serve and protect Europeans. Similar to the United Nations, the European Union functions as yet another vehicle to attempt to put a small clique of superrich in charge of the whole world.

The Globalist Dream

Like the old Soviet Union, the new global European Union will be of a collectivist nature. The world state will be “animated by a common will”,[3] directed by a “far-sighted, purposeful elite”[4] and inhabited by a mixed “future Eurasian-Negroid race [that] will replace the diversity of peoples […]”[5]. If it means European women have to be gang-raped to achieve this dystopian nightmare, there’s always Wolfgang Schäuble to approve it, the German technocrat who fancies Arabs and Africans will save Germans from inbreeding.[6]

Arguably, ‘globalism’ is not even an ideology. Globalism has been around in the form of despotism since the beginnings of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia, well over 5,000 years ago. Globalism is just the modern equivalent of an ancient crime, namely to submit a people to collectivist rule under a despotic ruler. Early examples include Gilgamesh of Uruk and King Hammurabi of Babylon.

Today’s despots have invented a new vocabulary to fool the people into submission. They call it a ‘global open society’, a society no one can escape from short of flying to the moon. ‘Equality’ denies your freedom to be unequal. ‘Progress’ means your progressive slavery. When globalists speak of ‘diversity’, they mean the complete homogenization of mankind.

Who Are “They”?

Who are the globalists, really, and what do they believe in? “They” are not some sinister conspiracy. Their work is public and they do not hide their intentions. Pro-globalist intellectuals have been around for a while. Having published a large volume of books detailing their worldview, we can learn from them through their own thoughts.

In the early 1920s, when the city of Paris was booming because of industrialism and cheap labor, philosopher Henri Bergson wrote an influential work titled The Two Sources of Morality. In the book, he was the first to coin the phrase open society. He envisioned such a society as being represented by a universal open morality. He introduced the false, but powerful dichotomy of open-versus-closed and based his entire worldview on the following false assumption:

“Who can help seeing that social cohesion is largely due to the necessity for a community to protect itself against others and that it is primarily as against all other men that we love men with whom we live.”[7]

Bergson was wrong to assume people can only protect themselves “against all others”. In reality, all people struggle side by side against the harshness of nature. It is in that mutual struggle that man also incurs casualties of war. However, the solution to the problem of war cannot be found in universalism. It was pluralism that helped mankind survive.

In a pluralist world, man can cooperate with all others against nature, but at the same time, man does not have to be like all others. True diversity trumps universalism. By contrast, in a universalist world, bureaucrats rule all and will send those who defy the Truth to the Gulag. Bergson’s totalitarian philosophy undoubtedly inspired a great number of 20th-century thinkers and despots.

E Pluribus Unum

One thing globalists have in common is their perverse desire to melt all human difference into one. Globalists want to efface, not preserve, all differences between people. In their line of thinking, they follow the principle of ‘from many to one’ or E Pluribus Unum, the slogan so beloved by Americans. It is a globalist’s creed, anti-diversity and anti-human.

Philosopher Karl Popper and financial terrorist George Soros expanded on Henri Bergson’s ideal for the open society. In Popper’s own words, he was “bent on destroying what is in [his] opinion most mischievous in [Plato’s] philosophy.”[8] Popper made it clear that he wished to destroy the entire Western philosophical tradition since Plato, whom he held responsible for fascism, Nazism, communism, and the Holocaust.

The modern progressive belief that Christianity is bad, that whites are privileged, that Western men are evil patriarchs, or that the world would be better off without people of European descent, found its legitimization with Karl Popper. For lack of a better word, I’d say Popper was a racist.

According to George Soros, the billionaire speculator, the European Union “embodies the principle of open society, which could serve as a force for a global open society.”[9] It’s a principle Soros helped design himself as a former student of Popper’s. Globalist billionaires like Soros are abandoning the United States, which they see a failed experiment because “the most successful open society in the world, the US, does not properly understand the first principles of an open society.”[10]

Rule 1. Never question the universal truth of globalism.

Rule 2. Never question rule number 1.

One World Order

Political scientist Hans Morgenthau wrote the classic Politics among Nations, popular among students of geopolitics. In it, Morgenthau advocates the establishment of a world state. This world state, he believes, can be achieved in the same way that the United States of America once succeeded in uniting its many southern and northern states. By using war, deception, and propaganda!

To create a world state, Morgenthau suggests the peoples of Earth must be submitted to a single world public opinion, “The community of the American people antedated the American state, as a world community must antedate a world state.”[11] But since America has failed to live up to the ‘promise’ of an open society, globalists have turned their attention to Europe like flies attracted to a decomposing body.

The list of globalist intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and politicians goes on and on. Even Catholic Pope Francis appears to have turned to the dark side. The Pope wants to fuse Islam with Christianity in order to create a single world religion. Endorsing mass migration to Europe, the Pope apparently supports Schäuble’s plan to crossbreed Europeans with Arabs and Africans.

Cologne’s NYE rapes were no accident. They were intentional policy and a taste of what’s to come.

The Global Resistance

Facing this powerful enemy, we, Europeans, have no choice but to resist the rape of our continent. We must aggressively put a stop to globalism. We must stand up and fight for a free humanity, free from collectivism and despotism.

It is not too late. Confronted with an insurmountable setback, we can still change our attitudes towards it. This coming half century, Europeans will have an opportunity to transform their traumatic history into a triumph of humanity. We will fight the good fight, the fight for autonomy and identity.

Let us start a global resistance movement. Alongside billions of freedom-loving men and women, we shall face the enemy and meet the challenge. We shall march with a faith in our hearts, a plan in our heads, and if all else fails, with a gun in our hands. We shall defy the globalist enemy as we have defied all enemies before him: with fearless determination.

A History Lesson

After the Roman Empire had expanded northward along the Rhine, a small but militarily powerful Germanic tribe from the south of The Netherlands revolted against it. Around 69 AD, the Batavi tribe’s one-eyed leader, known by his Roman name Julius Civilis, called for a rebellion,

“For [the Romans] no longer regard us as allies, as we once were, but as slaves. […] We are handed over to prefects and centurions […] We are threatened with a levy which separates children from parents and brothers from brothers, as if in death. […] Simply lift your eyes and do not fear the empty name of legions. But on our side are our strong infantry and cavalry, our kinsmen the Germans, the Gallic provinces that cherish the same desires as ourselves. Not even the Romans will regard this war with disfavor […]”[12]

Civilis’ words still hold true today. The globalists no longer regard us as free citizens, as we once were, but as slaves. Simply lift your eyes and do not fear the empty name of globalism. On our side are our freedom-loving kinsmen, the Americans, the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, the South Africans, alongside a freedom-loving majority of humanity. They all cherish the same desires as ourselves.

Our battle against globalism is the mythical fight between good and evil. Let us harden our souls to win the fight we cannot afford to lose. In the name of self-determination, let us root out the filthy tentacles of globalism wherever we find them.


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