Dutch Christians Say People Are Not Products, End Prostitution

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 09:37
Dutch Christians: People Are Not Products, End Prostitution

This Wednesday, a Christian youth movement in The Netherlands will present its plan to the government to end prostitution. Their complaint is mostly directed at the government itself for promoting a materialist culture:

“By declaring prostitution legal, the government normalizes people buying sex.”

Indeed, ever since the colonial age, the dominant political philosophy in The Netherlands has been that of materialism. Anything goes along as long as the proceeds can be taxed.

While The Netherlands has long cultivated a “progressive” image outwardly, namely to lure hordes of tourists to Amsterdam’s red-light district, most women working as prostitutes are NOT doing so voluntarily.

The Christian youth movement Exxpose was founded in 2012 after a damning documentary by Al Jazeera, which argued that the Dutch tolerance for sex work was a remnant of the stone age.

According to a spokesperson of Exxpose, Dutch media have systematically ignored the majority of prostitutes who are NOT happy with their “jobs”:

“The government propaganda is largely based on the very small group of women who say they enjoy working as prostitutes. But a far larger group of women is victimzed as a result of that. Most prostitutes are being forced into doing the work. They are victims of human trafficking, drug addictions or abuse.”

“We have to stand up for people rather than exploit them for money.”

Though the spokesperson framed her arguments against prostitution in feminist terms, the truth is that prostitution is a function of materialism. A materialist belief system (meaning: Marxism) has corrupted Western civilization and reduced all human beings to economic units.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to overthrow the disease of materialism.