‘Fyre Festival’ Was a Media Propaganda Stunt

Designed to Associate Donald Trump with Fraud and Failure

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 09:12
‘Fyre Festival’ Was a Deep State Propaganda Stunt: Designed to Associate Donald Trump with Fraud and Failure

Fyre Festival never happened. It was a media marketing stunt using the color ‘orange’ to associate President Trump with his trainwreck presidency. Though a clever conception, the Fyre stunt shows how uncritical media-consuming masses are, and that the thin line between reality and fiction is easily blurred.

Remember Fyre Festival? That festival-gone-horribly-wrong, organized by some guy named Billy MacFarland on an island in the Bahamas? It was fake, I mean, all of it. The rich white millennials you thought you saw in the documentary were all paid extras.

Did you see any famous people on footage at the festival? No. You saw one or two Instagram influencers and a bunch of poor people carrying poor people’s bags. Rich kids didn’t go there in droves unless you think they’re all stupid. It didn’t happen.

Both documentaries—one by Netflix and one by Hulu to make sure you’d see one—were created to fuck with your head. In fact, ‘Fyre Festival’ was a deep state propaganda stunt to help you associate the new President of the USA, Donald Trump, with fraud and failure. Fyre was all an act.

Remember Fyre started with the orange tiles posted by Instagram influencers? It ended with MacFarland going to jail in Orange County, New York. Donald Trump, of course, is the well-known living meme also known as Orange Man. I suppose his opponents want him to go to jail, too.

Like Billy, Trump is a former NYC businessmen. Like Fyre Festival, Trump parties in Florida and has a house by the sea. Like the partygoers, Trump hangs out with models. He even married one.

Especially the Hulu-version of the documentary (really a feature film) shows you MacFarland’s life as an analogy to Trump’s. Billy lives in a NYC penthouse, just like Trump. In an interview scene, Billy re-enacts the way Trump treats the disingenuous media (who also participated in the promotion of the Fyre hoax).

In the Hulu doc, Billy’s NY girlfriend has a broken English accent, just like Melania. Seriously, if you don’t see the propaganda yet, it’s why politicians always fuck you over.

The doc even literally gives it away at the end by saying there’s a fraudster in the White House who’s “just like Billy MacFarland”. They had to add that scene because too many of you over-20s still think like three-year-olds and need to have things spelled-out word for word.

There’s even a scene in the Netflix-film where Billy says “I’m not going to jail”. That’s a direct reference, a dog whistle if you will, to this election event:


When Trump threatened to jail Hillary, he basically turned the entire U.S. deep state against him. These people are extremely aggressive narcissists who will now do anything to make sure Trump will go to jail in Orange County, NY, including rewriting reality through fake-documentaries.

Of course, Billy MacFarland, whatever his real name is, doesn’t really exist. I do know he is a well-paid actor. I also know he didn’t really have to go to jail. He’s got a new name. His Wikipedia page is part of the propaganda.

The Fyre crew didn’t really spend 26 million dollars on the botched party, either. It cost under a tenth of that to produce the hoax plus both documentaries, and you all fell for it. It’s called predictive programming.

The Fyre Festival documentaries were created to make U.S. citizens believe they voted for a fraudster, a president who sold them fake tickets to The Wall, a president who just wants to take all your tax money but will, in the end, serve you toast and a slice of cheese.

It shows how powerful media companies have become. They can literally show you computer generated planes on fake 9/11-footage and you all believe you personally saw them, too.

But this time it wasn’t “Muslims”. This time you are supposed to believe America is going to end in catastrophe because rich white people voted for Trump. And that’s very, very racist, my friends.


When I posted this to r/The_Donald, I was banned after 15 upvotes. You should know that r/The_Donald’s moderator team has been taken over by Hillary’s people.