The Annoying Truth about Modern Democracy, Conscription, and Feminism

Submitted by Mathijs Koenraadt on Wed, 06/10/2020 - 08:09

A man who has read thousands of books is allowed to give his opinions on topics outside of his university training, for he is able to amalgamate information, tie important bits together, and offer several annoying insights about our history and our shared reality.

As most of us growing up in the post-WW2 Western world, I was told evil men hated women so much they didn’t want to give women the vote. Men, and only men, opposed universal suffrage—equal participation in democratic elections, both passive and active—and they opposed it because, well, women are inferior. 

So goes the story feminists have been telling us ever since the twentieth century. The story is a petty lie. To tell the true story, one must go back in time several thousands of years and retrace the events that led to denying women universal suffrage. In fact, if we do that, we shall see that women were never denied anything at all. The idea women were ‘denied’ the vote is itself false. It never happened.

For ages, warlords (men!) around the world could only draft men into their warrior cohorts who were willing and able to fight. Only men looking for war went looking for a warlord to lead them. There was no such thing as a state-prescribed conscription system. Nor was there, even in patriarchal systems, denial of women’s intelligence.

We know from the stories from the Old Norse Edda, for example, that, although men often convened at the ‘Thing’ (a sort of communal courthouse or parliament) to discuss the matters of the land, women’s voices were heard, but only for important matters (see Thrym’s Lay, where the female Aesir goddesses are called upon when Thor must retrieve his hammer).

Patriarchal men aren’t stupid, they are responsible. One such responsibility is to listen to the wisdom of others—for any warlord, even de most brutal ones, knows wars are won and lost on the basis of outwitting the enemy. To outwit an enemy, one must be witty. And to be witty, one must listen to women.

I offer no proof, but let’s assume for the sake of argument that the picture feminists paint of stubborn men walking straight into walls was never a historical reality. The many female goddesses of Northern Europe (literally hundreds if not thousands, see Jan de Vries Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte). 

So, how then, if women were heard and their advice taken to heart even in the pagan Northern times, did women become left out of modern democracies? Well, the invention of the modern state has something to do with it. States, unlike organic tribes or nations, or families or religious outfits, or unlike bands of brothers, are the largest-scale organization known to man.

But even though states control such large populations (in the tens or hundreds of millions or more), very few male citizens are willing to die in wars for their state. A state is such an abstract thing, and modern men have been so feminized due to centuries of prosperity and peace, relatively small proportions of the populace are natural-born warriors willing to go to war.

So the state came up with a trick—modern democracy! Yes, modern democracy was only invented to get more men to wage wars for the state. The false promise of influence and power on the political scene was traded for military conscription. That’s why, initially, only men were allowed to vote. Feminists rarely mention this. Men were given the vote in exchange for their requirement to fulfill military service.

And before one cries that women should also be required to do military service, let’s keep in mind that, historically, few warrior women ever existed, and their numbers pale in comparison to warrior men. If out of a million people, we find a thousand men naturally willing to wage war and risk death, we find only a handful of women prepared to do the same. From the state’s perspective—states being population machines—it made no sense to sacrifice women’s reproductive ability to war.

So, the women didn’t need the democratic vote. For one, modern democracy was always a sham, controlled by powers lurking in the shadows. A man’s opinions didn’t really matter. The elite puppeteers decided upon foreign policy. Men just needed to be given the belief they had power by giving them the vote. Moreover, the vote convinced men they had voted for the next war.

Modern democracy made men complicit in the war crimes of their state—since “you voted for it”. And secondly, most women, feminist or not, were not at all willing to wage war.

What we are really looking at, then, is not at all a conspiracy of men to keep women out of the vote, but rather a conspiracy of monarchies and other power elites keeping the people out of the vote. What states perhaps could not foresee was that, by giving men the vote, men eventually used the vote to vote for universal suffrage!

This is another of those truths feminist women hardly ever tell you about. Men used the vote to vote for the women’s vote. How can men be accused of being evil? Perhaps, though, men were simply tired of being cannon fodder and voted to vote women into the system as well. 

It didn’t catch on. Even today, few women serve in the militaries around the world, despite being allowed to. It all comes down to one’s personal willingness to fight, and significantly fewer women are willing to do so. This is not an ‘inequality’ that must be denied or served justice. Women, which means most women, certainly most fertile women, don’t want to risk maiming their bodies or risking death.

In the end, I suspect both men and women of the modern age are awakening to the deceit of their state. That modern democracy in exchange for conscription was a sham. That large-scale, faceless wars are the worst thing that’s ever happened to humanity, and that fault lies simply in the world’s overpopulation.

One more war could change all of that. For a Third World War should thin the population back down to less than one billion. Perhaps then, we can disband the state and rejoin our tribes—tribes ruled by men willing to die for them.