Rules for Alt-Radicals

How to Destroy the Left By Using Their Own Tactics Against Them

Bull Subdued by Dogs (1638-1640) by Paul de Vos

Image: Bull Subdued by Dogs (1638-1640) by Paul de Vos

In his book Rules for Radicals, Jewish activist Saul Alinsky wrote in 1971, “Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America’s white middle class. That is where the power is.”1 This line came from the same man who defined the American radical as “that unique person who […] genuinely and completely believes in mankind”.2

I’m sure he meant his narcissistic self. And can you guess who was a young admirer of Alinsky and his subversive work? Hillary Diane Clinton. In her 1969 Bachelor’s thesis for Wellesley College, she presented an analysis of Alinsky’s methods, but she did not disapprove of her ideological mentor’s anti-white rhetoric.

In her thesis, Clinton struck a combative tone, quoting known anti-Semite T.S. Eliot3 that “there is only the fight to recover what has been lost and found and lost again and again”,4 inspiring her to title the thesis “There Is Only the Fight”.

Revenge Fantasies

But don’t be fooled by appearances. The mere fact that Alinsky’s followers, such as Hillary Clinton, cite the occasional anti-Semite, openly criticize Israel, or publicly act the part of devout Christian Methodist5 does not acquit them of dabbling in revenge fantasies that aim to destroy Western civilization from within.

Whatever their personal motives, Clinton, Alinsky and many others including philosopher Karl Popper,6 linguist Noam Chomsky, financial terrorist George Soros,7 even former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have come to believe that not just Nazi Germany, but all of Western civilization carries responsibility for the Holocaust.

They believe that the West let the Holocaust happen by not doing enough to stop it, a belief apparently oblivious to the millions of Americans, Europeans and Russians who sacrificed their lives to fight against Hitler. Sadly, such convictions drive the progressive left movement: an entrenched hatred of white people.

The Basket of Deplorables

Leftists radicals preach the end of ‘white privilege’ through affirmative action; the deconstruction of ‘whiteness’ through diversity; the collapse of white nations through open borders and mass immigration. None of these things are coincidental. They are not historic change. They are deliberate policy. Progressive politicians dream of the complete eradication of European peoples—it’s not a conspiracy if they openly advocate all of the above!

Now you know why Hillary Clinton thinks half of white Americans belong in a basket of deplorables. Why won’t these “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic”8 tax payers vote themselves into poverty? Nevertheless, the radicals of the 1970s have become today’s status quo. They have become very influential. They are globalists, they manipulate the media, and they police academia.9

If we want to depose them, we will have to take Clinton’s advice at heart:

“Those possessing power want to retain it and often extend the bounds of it. Those desiring a change in the power balance generally lack the established criteria of money or status and so must mobilize numbers.”10

Indeed, if alt-right radicals (or alt-radicals) could master the art of mobilizing the people, I believe they can crush the progressive left before the end of the next decade. In support of the coming insurgency, I’ve partly rewritten Alinksy’s thirteen rules for radicals11 below. In fact, to mess with people’s heads, I’ve cut them down to ten:

The Ten Commandments of the Radical Right

1. Make the enemy think you have more power than you really have.

2. Build future action on past experiences. People can only understand new things in terms of old things. The same is true for political action. If you venture too far from your people’s past experiences, you will confuse them and the mission will fail.

3. When in doubt, confuse the enemy. By doing things the enemy has never experienced before, you will confuse him.

4. Tirelessly ridicule the enemy and point out his flaws. Conservatives all too often try to sway their opponents with sound arguments, but the leftist enemy couldn’t care less about facts. Leftists know the truth does not persuade anyone.

5. Keep reinventing yourself and your tactics. When Hitler threatened to invade France, the French built their defenses on the same spot they had fought the First World War. Hitler responded by ordering his troops to take a detour and surprise the French from behind.

6. When you can back it up with force, threaten the enemy. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

7. The truth is malleable. Bend anything the enemy says to your advantage. When leftists accuse you of racism for wanting to close the border, point out that U.S. tax dollars can buy far more food and shelter abroad than at home. The border is just there for national security.

8. Provoke the enemy to act by applying constant pressure.

9. When you attack the enemy’s plans, make sure you have prepared constructive alternatives.

10. Declare your enemy by blaming visible targets for complex problems. It’s Hillary Clinton’s fault refugees are coming to America, because she bombed the Middle East and funded ISIS. It doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not. Just keep repeating the accusation until people believe it.

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