The Right to Identity

The Islamization of Europe, a Crime against Humanity?

A Sami man and child in Finnmark, Norway, circa 1900

Image: A Sami man and child in Finnmark, Norway, circa 1900

In a shocking interview, German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble admitted he believed opening his country’s borders could save Germans from “degeneration through inbreeding”. He hopes to achieve this goal by actively mixing German genes with those of Arabs and Northern Africans. Perhaps the mass rapes that took place in Cologne and other cities last new year’s eve are just what Schäuble has in mind. It may forever remain a mystery how German thinking went from full Nazi to full retard in seventy years time, but it is certain that no one in Europe has ever voted in a democratic election in favor of mass immigration.

Multicultural Societies

Despite that the European continent’s rich history has produced hundreds of different cultures of its own, it wasn’t until the sixties and seventies of the last century that artificial multiculturalism was brought into this world, an afterbirth of unrestrained mass immigration. The millions of migrants that have come to Europe, and still are, would eventually refuse to assimilate. Considering their high degree of welfare dependency, newcomers have generally even failed at their economic assimilation. So European multiculturalism was born, as if the thoughtlessness of its introduction was meant to be so.

Meanwhile, more than half a century later, the tens of millions of non-Western immigrants, including their offspring, have severely put native Europeans’ tolerance to the test. It is no surprise that the multicultural society that was never designed to succeed has indeed utterly failed, although it would take European leaders—including former British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy—half their careers before finally admitting it.

After having failed to assimilate the newcomers, we’ve now arrived at a phase called ‘acceptance’—we, Europeans, will simply have to accept we will never be our own people again. How did we end up here? Why hasn’t the resistance against the erasure of our native identity been fiercer? And whence came the idea to flood our countries with an oversupply of Arab and African sons, a sociological and demographic disaster that would unrecognizably and irrevocably change the future for all European children?

Vicissitudes of Assimilation

Contrary to Muslims and other non-Western migrants that came to Europe, Europeans that emigrated to the United States in the past have most certainly assimilated into the prevailing American culture. For example, about half of today’s white Americans descends from German immigrants. Consequently, German Americans represent the largest minority in the US, yet as a group one can hardly tell them apart from other whites. They’ve blended into the dominant Anglo-Saxon culture that American colonists had founded. German Americans never ‘Germanized’ America, but Americanized themselves instead, trading their mother tongue for English language.

In comparison to the millions of Mexican immigrants, as well as equal numbers of illegal immigrants, that in recent times came to live in the US while refusing to learn to speak a word of English, the contrast could not have been bigger. By now, the US has absorbed a quarter of the Mexican population, over thirty million lives dependent on the US economy, because Mexico couldn’t provide. On top of that, two thirds of them are illegal aliens. As a group, especially illegal aliens have contributed little to nothing to America, because they remained Mexicans. While Anglo-Saxon Americans had anticipated the arrival of German immigrants to the US, subjecting them to mandatory assimilation, European leaders had never expressed any intention to turn newcomers into people like us.

Colonial Bad Taste

Possibly this laissez-faire attitude concerning mass immigration has a historical cause. The multicultural societies that in particular Northern and Western Europeans have founded may flow from a colonial passion for collecting things, i.e. their ruling elites’ urge to possess the world. After having conquered new lands and foreign countries during the colonial days; after having subjugated entire continents of people; after having looted and amassed the world’s natural resources; after having declared archeological treasures their private property—for example, put on display in the Louvre or the British Museum—and after even having practiced slavery and slave trade, there remained only one more possibility to satisfy this all-encompassing urge to possess—establishing a human zoo, or in our time establishing multicultural societies.

I’m not kidding. At the peak of colonial bad taste, indigenous families from all over the world were ‘collected’ and put on display before audiences in Europe and America. We have erased this dubious phenomenon from our cultural memory, but even today we can recognize its remnants, for example in the form of Madame Tussaud’s museums or Body Worlds. Such expositions nowhere else to be found may be an expression of Western man’s dark side, of he who wants to possess and touch even his idols and the stuffed bodies of his fellow humans.

But in a recent past, until 1950, day trippers and their children could indeed visit living nomadic families in human zoos. Few Sami families from Lapland, for example, allowed themselves to be put on display in the Hagenbeck zoo near Hamburg, Germany. Likewise, Sioux Indians were ‘open to public’ in Chicago. These families were not slaves. They received pay and sometimes negotiated good deals including hotel stays. Some were professional actors who seized the opportunity an education in modern European culture offered them. Above all, it offered participants a rare chance to show their nomadic culture to the world, especially in a time without television and internet. Apart from cases of unavoidable abuse, the human zoos had, at least to some extent, served to educate the people.

The Sami, white ‘Indians’ of Lapland. Photo 1900 © Wikipedia.

The Fate of the Sami

The aforementioned Sami peoples still live in Northern Norway, housing about half the total population, as well as in Sweden, Finland and on the Russian Kola peninsula. They had lived there long before national borders would cross their habitats. The Sami descend from people who settled in the area sometime ten to six thousand years ago. As a people, they are their own group, independent from the more southern located Fins, Swedes and Norwegians. For thousands of years, Scandinavians and Sami have shared a often overlapping habitat relatively peacefully, because each group relied on entirely different types of food and natural resources. Early on, the southern Scandinavians had begun to trade over sea with other Europeans. They would build farms, while the Sami specialized as hunters and gatherers that lived off fishing and reindeer husbandry.

The Sami are indigenous Europeans, white people with a fair share of blond-haired specimens, but genetically they differ from other Europeans. Scientists suspect the Sami are descendants of a smaller genetic branch of Europeans that separated from the rest in a distant past. Their faces feature a narrower, flatter nose bridge, perhaps to heat the cold polar air even better when breathing in, as well as varying degrees of “gook eyes”, as some East Asian peoples do, with whom they are not related.

The Sami are first mentioned in Norwegian and Icelandic sagas from the eleventh to thirteenth century, such as for example Egil’s Saga, which recounts how Iceland’s national hero and his Viking buddies spent their summers sailing to Norway, traveling to Lapland looking for Sami. bashing in their skulls and looting their food and wealth. Throughout history, the Sami have been commonly depicted as inferior human beings by their European cousins.

As a result, they have not been treated well. As the industrialization of Europe eventually also reached the far north, the Sami were increasingly forced to surrender land intended for their reindeer herds. In Sweden, they were once put to work in a slave mine near Kiruna. European anthropologists would hold members of various Sami tribes at gunpoint, while forcing them to undress and undergo the sort of ‘bone measurements’ inmates of Nazi Germany would later experience as well. Naturally, such measurements were intended to ‘prove’ Sami inferiority and the superiority of other Europeans. Even until 1975, Sami women were forced to undergo sterilization in an attempt to halt their continued population growth.

Still, in 2011, the United Nations committee against racial discrimination reprimanded the Norwegian government with a report to improve the position of the Sami. But above all, during the past millennium, their cultural identity has come under severe pressure. Until very recently, Sami children weren’t allowed education in their own language. All of the nearly dozen Sami languages are now listed on a UN list for threatened and endangered languages. As with the other Europeans, the Christening of the Sami would largely erase the memory of their earlier tribal faith. 

Tolerance is a Two-Way Street

But isn’t it hypocrite that precisely these Norwegians and Swedes, who are so renowned for their tolerance today, have opened their own habitats’ borders to non-Western immigrants, while at the same time their dealings with the Sami in no way vouch for it? Nevertheless, we have to watch for the sort of concealed supremacy that claims it only Scandinavians could be tolerant to others, as if they could do without other people’s tolerance of them. Is it possible that with the arrival of Arabs, Turks, Northern Africans and Eastern Europeans the roles are being reversed, and that the Scandinavians, as the Sami did against them, now have to guard themselves against the loss of their own identity?

Unless, of course, we mean by ‘diversity’ that we should all blend into a boring, gray, uniform global culture, with no room for variation, authenticity or tradition. If not, then we will have to determine to what extent the world’s peoples have the right to actively defend their identity, by force if necessary. After all, didn’t the Sami have the right to defend themselves against their forced sterilization? Against the use of colonial education intended to erase their culture and their identity?

If so, then perhaps Europeans may also defend their culture against, for example, the veiling of women, the erection of mosques in their lands, recurring aggression during Ramadan’s fasting month, against colonial Islamic education, and in short against the Islamic attack on native European culture. At the very least, the taboo of political correctness doesn’t help us in trying to answer such questions under threat of a court conviction for racism or hate speech, because answering these questions also extends protection to both the Sami and the Muslims. Naturally, the United Nations directives that somewhat protect the Sami against Scandinavian colonialism must also hold true for all Europeans against Islamic colonization. They hold true for all peoples that seek protection against their cultural drowning in a sea of unassimilated migrants.

Holy Birthplace

It cannot be denied that Europe is white man’s evolutionary birthplace, sacred ground, like the Arab desert is to Muslims. Here have roamed Neanderthal men for over three hundred thousand years, as well as Cro-Magnon man, who has left some of the oldest wall paintings and sculptures in the world. From north to south and east to west, modern Europeans have always been an exceptionally diverse people. With hundreds of languages, an even greater number of dialects, dozens of countries, thousands of traditional customs, and an equal number of ethnic identities, owing to its overarching civilization based on individual freedom, the continent is perhaps the most diverse in the world.

But the idea to somehow make this part of the world even more diverse through uncontrolled mass migration of uneducated and analphabetic Arabs and Africans holds no credibility whatsoever. Europeans have never had a shortage of diversity that could only be solved by importing millions of ever the same, homogeneous Muslims, unless we mean to say the Scandinavian supremacists of the 20th century had truly enriched Sami culture by enslaving them. On the contrary, it is discriminatory and racist to claim that Europeans would be suffering from a sort of cultural or genetic poverty, or that they would only be able to pull themselves out of the doldrums through forceful mingling with unwanted newcomers.


The multicultural society so beloved by our ruling elites have never received the people’s mandate. The large-scale multiculturalization of Europe and the West has yet to be repeated elsewhere, unless we count the Japanization of China or the Germanization of Poland during World War II, or in the seventh century the Islamization of entire Northern Africa. Moreover, multicultural societies contradict themselves, because either its peoples blend into one unrecognizable immigrant master race, or they split up in monocultural enclaves, reducing each other to the living wallpaper at the end of each others’ worlds. In fact, this is what we see happening in the US and in Europe. Individuals mix, but peoples don’t. 

One way or another, the true multicultural experience is nowhere to be found. Does this idealized form of cohabitation then perhaps exist only for the entertainment of bored Bilderberg elites, the super rich who, once a year, climb down their ivory towers to spend a day dwelling among the peasants, aping at the human apes? Whatever it is, we have paid an astronomical price to enter this zoo: the future of our progeny. The formation of immigrant enclaves that multiculturalism has infected nearly all major Western cities with has lead to social and economic destabilization at an unprecedented scale. 

The clashing value systems of native Europeans and non-Western immigrants continues to demand a one-sided concessions from the still dominant side, who for now can afford to do so. But immigrants have an incentive to exploit this naive generosity, at least for as long as native tax payers feel obliged to cough it up, reducing his own family size in order to make room for immigrant boom towns. For that matter, Muslim colonists won’t need to sterilize white women, because white women already volunteered not to have children in favor of the “career”.

A Crime against Humanity

While the hypocrite Scandinavians now treat their Muslim guests better than they’ve ever treated the native Sami from their own countries, we must conclude that all people have been reduced to mere numbers in a global accounting ledger. The Muslims in Oslo, Malmö, Stockholm and Helsinki simply provide the capitalist industry with greater profit margins. The Sami are not economically viable, but increasingly neither are white Scandinavians. Islam, in the view of the globalist elites, is a fast-growing market for their products and services. They reason Muslims will also buy iPhones, so then who needs Christians? We have sold the future of our children for short-term profits, while giving the money away to migrants without asking for anything in return.

The multiculturalization of the West appears to have been a magic trick. We’ve magically replaced white audiences with foreign ones. Still, the multiculturalist ideology will not hold much longer. Multiculturalism is a crime against European humanity. As with the Nuremberg trials, its architects will not escape their fate. Europeans will not become the Sami of the world, but we will successfully defend our right to be European. Unless Europeans and European Americans wish to live in reservations designated for white people, perhaps the time to begin our resistance is now.


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