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The Trouble with Diversity

Diverse Societies Offer No More Stability than Monocultural Ones

Photo by AM Renault | CC BY

The historical events that gave rise to multicultural nations and cosmopolitan cities also institutionalized new and upcoming forms of social oppression, notably racism. Since people can never change their ‘race’—unlike their religion or nationality—racial discrimination both corners its victims and persecutes their offspring. But in the globalizing West, the public preoccupation with racial inequality obscures an undercurrent of failing multiculturalism. The West is in a...

On Language Versus Metaphor

Ohhh ... Alright ... (1964) by Roy Liechtenstein

Similar to the chicken or egg problem, which came first, language or metaphor? The classic book Metaphors We Live By (1980) by Lakoff and Johnson explores how metaphors shape our understanding of the world, because they help us understand one thing in terms of another. The authors provide many examples, such as Time is Money or Life is Hard. But they do not explore the origin of metaphors. What was the evolutionary advantage to think about the world in terms of metaphors?...

The Core Self

Revealing One's True Personality by Pealing Away Learned Behaviors That Go Against It

La Venus de Willendorf coruñesa by Uvep3 | CC BY-NC-ND

Growing up, children learn to take after their parents. By copying some or all of their parents’ behaviors, children learn-by-doing many of the important skills they will need to survive as adults, as if ‘playing grown-up’. This includes adopting trivial routines, such as cooking and cleaning, getting up and getting ready, chatting with neighbors, and so forth. More importantly, they learn critical survival skills, such as how to ‘play house’ and maintaining personal hygiene.

Before formal...

The Reinvention of Slavery

How Elites Will Solve the Global Energy Crisis

Karol Franks | CC BY-NC-ND

As the world runs out of fossil fuel, sooner or later, formerly cheap energy will inevitably become expensive. The cost to extract one barrel of crude oil has been rising for decades. But rather than causing collapse, the transition from cheap to expensive energy forces energy-hungry civilizations like the West to increasingly rely on human labor. This process of replacing fuel with people is already underway; it is what drives mass migration from poorer to richer nations...

The Socio-Capitalist Complex

The Survivors of the 22nd Century Will Be the Most Aggressive Oppressors of the 21st

Atop the Dewey Monument by Christina B Castro | CC BY-NC

The problem with socialism is that it is inherently a lie. Capitalism and socialism are not opposing but complementary forces. Working together, this socialist-capitalist Chimera maximizes an economy’s population size. Through ‘equality’ socialism effaces the masses in preparation of mass consumption, allowing for capitalist economies of scale. Capitalism serves these effaced masses efficiently, and in doing so increases the economy’s capacity for carrying bigger...

Blockchains for Copyright

Making Use of Bitcoin's Technology to Protect, Track and Monetize Digital Works

The very nature of the internet that allows content creators to disseminate their work globally and instantly also allows for anyone to pirate near-free copies of identical quality. Content creators that broadcast their work online give up control, hoping that the benefits of internet dissemination outweigh its potential loss of income due to piracy.

Anti-piracy efforts have come a long way since early attempts at disabling the ‘Right click…’...

Why We Fight Islam

Paris by Moyan Brenn | CC BY

After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush assured the world that America was not at war with Islam. But the Paris Charlie Hebdo shootings showed that Islamic terrorism is at war with the world. Rooted in traditionalism, Islam despises freedom, stifles progress and buries critical thought. Islamic doctrine rejects everything that Europe and the West have built up over the past three thousand years. Islam is not a religion, but an oppressive ideology posing as one. We owe it to history to defend the future...

A Decentralized Platform for Permissionless Innovation

Introducing Creative Patents

“Mont Blanc” by Tom Fahy  |  CC BY-NC-ND

“Creative Patents democratize technology ownership. Instead of patents that enforce an exclusive owner, Creative Patents irreversibly make technology available to all mankind, thus rendering proprietary patents obsolete. To accelerate collaboration, inventors can store their technology blueprints on a decentralized ledger anyone can access. Anyone can ‘fork’ or ‘clone’ a Creative Patent — like a GitHub of things — and pursue commercial application, without


A World without Owners

Why We Submitted to Financial Slavery and How We Can Be Free Again

Photo by Moyan Brenn | CC BY-NC

We all enjoy modern technological advances, whether it’s the internet or our favorite cereal brand. But the way society is organized today has captured our individual productivity in the benefit of financial elites. If we had not surrendered our productivity, we could earn up to four times as much wealth as we do today. The solution is to break away from centralized hierarchies towards smart decentralization. And we still get to keep our modern benefits.

Background: Bitcoin’s Innovation


Money, Power and Influence 

Which Should You Live For?

Photo by Michael Fruehmann | CC BY-NC-SA

In this short article I give my views on money, power and influence. Which should you live for?


According to behavioral science, money makes Americans happier up to a gross annual income of $60,000. Beyond that, money does not make you happier unless you spend it on others. Money has a fail-safe device: the law of diminishing returns. The more you work for money, the less you earn. The car that is twice as luxury costs ten times as much, not twice as much. The lives of...