Biden Voters More Than Twice As Wealthy As Trump Voters

In the 2020 U.S. election, a bit more than half of the voters supported Joe Biden. But they represented about 70% of the U.S. economy. Trump supporters represented only about 29% of the economy. This means Biden voters are the privileged class. They control more than twice as much economic wealth as their Republican opponents.

This insight stands at odds with the widespread notion that white Trump voters are oppressive racists who control “all the money”. In reality, it’s white Biden voters who controll most of that 70% of the economy. Trump voters generally hail from poorer, rural areas where communities are smaller, whereas Biden voters are from larger counties and the big cities.

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Politie te blank? Vervang de tak langzaamaan met etnisch diverse BOA’s

Politieman Dennis Spaanstra schreef erover in het verzetsblad Gezond Verstand, nummer 3. In het artikel Boa, de namaakpolitie legt de ervaren rechercheur uit dat onze regering BOA’s steeds vaker politietaken toekent. De BOA’s (vroeger nog stadswachters genaamd) krijgen van de rechter binnenkort een wapenstok, zodat ze geweld mogen gebruiken tegen burgers.

Een probleem daarbij is dat de goedbedoelde BOA’s van een beduidend lager opleidingsniveau zijn. Het zijn doorgaans mannen en vrouwen die vanwege geestelijke onvermogens niet aan de toelatingseisen voor de politie zouden kunnen voldoen, maar die nu, weliswaar in een ander uniform, toch dezelfde soort taken mogen gaan uitvoeren.

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Exodus: It’s Time for the Middle-Class to Abandon Cities

A woman I met in rural Estonia once told me, “Cities are the end of people.” She was referring to the destitution she and her husband found while spending a year working abroad in Paris. “The homeless were taking a shit in the middle of our street. Paris is great if you have a lot of money. Then, you can have everything you want. But for everyone else? Cities are the end of people.”

The couple moved back to the Estonian countryside, enjoying a small-town life where the air is still fresh, and people have familiar faces. But the hell that is found in residential Paris is no different from life in San Francisco, Athens, or Rotterdam. Venturing just outside of the brushed-up tourist hotspots, people in every major city around the world encounter the same dumpster-fire poverty.

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Our Struggle Through the Ages

They Fought For Us, We’ll Fight For Them!

As the saying goes, roads are made by walking. But when our ancestors first woke up in the swamps of Europe, they had to create land before they could walk.

Scientists now agree ancient Africans invented fire. However, it cannot be denied that Europeans first brought the gift of Prometheus to the North. Our forefathers left Africa’s womb and ventured into the cold, dark places of a new continent, inhospitable to a carefree life.

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Zonder vrijheid van meningsuiting regeert de willekeur

Wie bepaalt er eigenlijk hoe Mohammed eruit ziet? En als je niet weet hoe de profeet van de moslims eruitziet, hoe moet je het dan nalaten hem te tekenen? Het is een misvatting dat alleen kwaadwillenden met opzet tekeningen van Mohammed zullen maken. Zonder vrijheid van meningsuiting regeert juist de willekeur. En dan kunnen moedwillige agressors een algeheel verbod op alle vormen van persoonsafbeeldingen opeisen.

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Speech from ‘Behold the Wanderer’

A Call to End Urban Slavery

Our world is based on science, they say. But the scientific community has based its assumptions on the political, not the objective, belief that all in existence in the world is matter-in-motion, or matter and energy. This scientific worldview maintains that all matter was set in motion at some point of origin, originating from nothing, and is moving toward some utopia.

But when has science ever proven its most fundamental premise to be true that all reality must be physical reality? Its own methods cannot be used to prove the hypothesis. Since the scientific method can only measure the physical, it can neither prove nor disprove the existence of non-physical realities.

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The U.S. Empire’s Collapse into Communism

Why America’s Present Mood Echoes 1917, not 1991

Reading an essay by Jewish-American author Dmitri Orlov, a man born in the Soviet Union who then migrated to the United States, I was intrigued by his use of the phrase “collapse” to refer to the end of the Soviet era. Indeed, as do many other leftish thinkers, Orlov tends to speak of the “collapse of communism” rather than of the Russian people’s painful recovery from it.

Socialist semantics - calling a recovery a collapse - has left a great imprint on the Western public’s understanding of what communism really was, and is, namely: a state of economic panic. Communism occurs when economies die. It is a catatonic state of society in which the state body must attempt to keep its brain and its heart alive by letting its limbs die off.

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Duolingo’s Abusive Learning Methods

The App that Causes Mental Health Problems

Since Duolingo’s app is optimized for generating ad clicks and paid subscriptions, it has no real incentive to teach users a foreign language. Rather, it pays to thwart users’ learning for as long as possible while the company’s attention engineers use every trick in the book to keep users coming back to view more ads.

Have you ever met anyone who completed the German language tree on Duolingo and who was then able to converse in German? If you haven’t, you should wonder what the app’s ulterior motives are. Duolingo’s punishing-yet-addictive exercises have little to do with language learning. In fact, the app has a lot more to do with a mental health crisis.

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An Empire of Ethnostates

It Is up to Us to Be the Guardians at the Flood of Values

What shall happen to the Europeans when their economies collapse, their societies implode, and their Christian civilization comes to an end? The strong, the brave, and the willing shall have to conquer new life, and it shall have to come at the world’s expense. We shall build not one ethnostate but an empire of ethnostates.

Ninety-seven years ago, one German author wrote,

“The animal in man is creeping nearer. Africa is drowning Europe in darkness. It’s up to us to be the guardians at the flood of values.”

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The Bourgeousie Never Went Away

On the Strangeness of Leftist Delusions

A peculiar mode of thought I often encounter when reading books by leftish authors (such as The Salaried Masses by Kracauer) is they assume all sorts of past evils have by now been abolished. Leftish thinkers appear to fancy a progress that never took place. In reality, upon scrutinizing various claims, we discover the imagined past evils are not only still there, but they are not evils.

For example, the modern leftish thinker assumes it to be a historical truth that class-based society in Europe was abolished by the end of the nineteenth century. The Marxist revolution took care of it, right? Well, it never happened. The bourgeoisie never went away. The rich simply moved out of their first-floor city apartments and went on to live in gated communities at the edge of the suburbs.

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