A Teenage Philosophy of Awareness and Existence (2014)

Analysis of the Columbine Shooters’ Worldview

How did Columbine school shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold view the world around them?

The first half of this short book analyzes the shooters’ personal journals, from a philosophical perspective, and with surprising result — a teenage philosophy of awareness and existence. Eric Harris rebelliously called his journal The Book of God. Albeit drenched in violent hate speech, his writings also criticize common people’s beliefs. Dylan Klebold explored the fabric of existence and reality. He named his journal A Virtual Book of Existences. In it, he presents ideas that call to mind the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

The second half of this book contains annotated transcripts of the killers’ journals.


Second edition, 2015
First edition, 2014
English, 122 pages

Paperback ISBN 978–15-053926-7-8
Also available as Kindle e-book, downloadable EPUB, Mobi and PDF.

Table of Contents


Part I
1 Eric Harris on Awareness
2 Dylan Klebold on Existence

Part II
3 Transcript of Eric Harris’s Journal
4 Transcript of Dylan Klebold’s Journal


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