Return to Freedom (2015)

A Traveler's Thoughts on Life, Love and the Fate of the World

Return to Freedom

Image: A Traveler's Thoughts on Life, Love and the Fate of the World

Non-fiction; Philosophy. A collection of half-finished thoughts on the meaning of love, money and wealth, the self and other, the search for humanity, good versus evil, living in cities, and the fate of the world.

Life’s unfair. An innocent traffic victim that ended up in a wheelchair may wonder each night, “Why me?” But perhaps life deals each the blows we can take, because no one else could. Life chose us for a reason. At some point in their lives, those that took the biggest blows will learn they have become the strong, and that the world, while fearful of their resentment, seeks guidance in their love. Only the weak turned strong know what love means. We take the blows, so others don’t have to.


First edition, 2015
English, 92 pages

ISBN: 978-90-823275-2-6

Table of Contents


1 The Meaning of Love
2 The Truth about Money and Wealth
3 The Motions of Life
4 Embracing the Self
5 The Search for Humanity
6 Understanding Good and Evil
7 The Illusion of Progress
8 Cities Are the End of People
9 Escape From Civilization
10 On Science and Religion
11 Rethinking Thinking
12 How the World Works
13 The Fate of the World

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