1980 Born in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
1992-1999 St. Oelbert Gymnasium (scientific high school with Latin), Oosterhout
1999 Philosophical self-study
2000-2004 B.Sc. Business and Consumer Sciences, Wageningen University
Bachelor thesis Leadership and Organization for Innovation.
2004-2006 M.Sc. Management Studies, Wageningen University
Master thesis Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurship in the Dutch Life Sciences.
2004-2008 Programmer at Koenraadt Webdesign, Wageningen & Munich
(6 months)
Reseacher at BMW Financial Services, Munich
Supporting a ‘balanced scorecard’ and corporate acquisitions for the leasing department, Alphabet.
2008-2012 Owner at Morningtime Internet Agency, Munich
Project management for over 50 IT projects. Support of TEDx Munich.
2010-2013 Owner at ShopCircuit, Munich & New York City
Inventing a smart stock management system for online merchants with over a million products and multiple suppliers.
2012-now Owner at Appmerce, Amsterdam
Development of applications for ecommerce, especially payment and bookkeeping extensions.
2013-2015 Founder and director at eCash B.V. (liquidated), Amsterdam
Inventing a solution to the problem of “having to pay in order to pay” online. Successful application of a government ‘WBSO’ subsidy for research and development.
2013-now Online self-study at Coursera, edX, etc.
(Michael Sandel, Harvard Law); Think Again, How to Reason and Argue (Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Duke University); A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior (Dan Ariely, Duke University); A Brief History of Humankind (Yuval Harari, Hebrew University of Jerusalem).
2014-now Writer and essayist
Author of Return to Freedom (2015). Wrote over 50 essays in Dutch, English and German.
(6 months)
A ‘grand tour’ of Europe from Athens to Reykjavik crossing over 25 countries and 50 cities.
2015-now Freelance IT technologist
Ideator of ‘blockchains for copyright’, a ‘democratized patent system’ and a ‘world museum for digitized art’.