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The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery

Idealism or Corruption?

World Bank Photo Collection | CC BY-NC-ND

In line with President Vladimir Putin’s vision for the future, between 2009 and 2013, Russian investors acquired a Canadian mining company. That company, later known as Uranium One, traded in the material needed for nuclear weapons and power plants. It also controlled 20% of the total US uranium production.

It was Hillary Clinton, at the time serving under President Obama as Secretary of State, and now running to be the first...

Innovation for Oppression

Herd Control or Crowd Defense?

The Commit/ event in Amsterdam hosted a demo market showcasing Big Data innovation. This so-called ‘public-private research community’ of mostly PhD students showing off their graduation projects gives a clear indication of the direction new data technology is pursuing.

But I could not stop noticing that some of these innovations are...